Clive Mariner Counselling and Psychotherapy

When Can  Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychoanalytic  Psychotherapy Help?

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Psychodynamic counselling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help you when:

  • You are depressed, anxious or stressed

  • You want to improve your relationships

  • You suffer from panic attacks

  • You live with eating disorders

  • You have experienced loss or bereavement

  • You are confused about your sexuality

  • Your life seems to lack meaning

  • You want to develop your potential

  • You suffer from obsessive thoughts

  • You feel held back by inappropriate anger or lack of confidence

  • You suffer physical problems with no clear physical cause

  • You are finding it hard to deal with a major change in your life

  • You have feelings of isolation and loneliness

  • You feel you would benefit from a safe place to talk

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